Sisters Sensing (The World) - ChinaSisters Sensing (The World) will unfold as a series of performative walks in six countries across the continents of Europe, Asia, and South America. The project is intended as a long-term strategic development cooperation between Sisters Hope and the Danish Cultural Institute with the intention to explore a potential Sensuous Society in a variety of contexts, listen loud and research and manifest connectivity beyond borders.

Flowing InhabitationFlowing Inhabitation is manifested in our home – Sisters Hope Home – in Hedehusene. Sisters Hope Home is a 5-year-durational artwork and platform for performance experiments, sensuous learning, and artistic research. The ambition is to create permanent access to The Sensuous Society and a place dedicated to poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together. Ticket are available here.

Sensuous Society - Beyond Economic Rationality (the World)Sisters Hope have launched a strategic collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute under the title Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality (the World) – Exploring how the sensuous and poetic unfolds in different cultural contexts. Sisters Hope will manifest and dive deep in a series of different geographical contexts internationally in close collaboration with local partners.

Sisters Hope HomeIn October 2021 we opened Sisters Hope Home at Hedehusene in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Sisters Hope Home is 5-year-durational artwork, a platform for artistic research and a lived example of a new artistic paradigm that we have termed ‘Inhabitation’ – moving beyond both spectatorship and temporary participation in the arts.

Category Date Title
Manifestation 28.03.24-28.07.24 Flowing Inhabitation At Sisters Hope Home (Hedehusene)
Presentation 15.11.24-16.11.24 Manifesto – Erasmus+ SenseSquared Conference (Brussels)
Project 02.09.24-16.11.24 Homage To Older Women Billboard Project
Manifestation 18.11.24-28.11.24 Sisters Sensing (The World) – Brazil
Manifestation 08.12.24-18.12.24 Sisters Sensing (The World) – India
Project 01.01.22-31.12.24 SenseSquared. Becoming Through The Senses: Towards Artistic Ways Of Being In The World
Project 06.11.23-31.12.24 Egg Totem Life & Egg Totem Death
Project 01.01.21-31.12.25 Sisters Hope Home
Project 01.01.20-01.01.28 Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality (The World)


Category Date Title
Workshop 13.06.24-13.06.24 Find Your Poetic Self At Hedehusene Bibliotek
Workshop 16.05.24-16.05.24 Find Your Poetic Self At Hedehusene Bibliotek
Manifestation 22.04.24-08.05.24 Sisters Sensing (The World) – China
Presentation 28.02.24-28.02.24 My Re-Imagined School At Malmö Music Academy
Presentation 21.02.24-21.02.24 Degrowth And Socioecological Justice At Department Of Political Science, University Of Copenhagen
Manifestation 02.02.24-18.02.24 Inhabitation Life
Workshop 18.01.24-18.01.24 Find Your Poetic Self At Hedehusene Bibliotek
Workshop 11.01.24-11.01.24 Find Your Poetic Self At Hedehusene Bibliotek
Presentation 15.12.23-15.12.23 Sensuous Learning Presentation At Egedal Gymnasium
Presentation 14.12.23-14.12.23 Poetic Self Exercise At Fountain House
Project 01.01.21-01.12.23 Sensuous Reading In Collaboration With Hillerød Bibliotekerne
Teaching 01.12.23-01.12.23 Sustainability And Inner Transformations At Lucsus, Lund University
Workshop 01.12.23-01.12.23 Poetic Self At Ømme Dage / Tender Days Festival
Presentation 30.11.23-30.11.23 The Domestic Fantastic – Keynote At Royal Danish Academy, Architecture School
Manifestation 17.11.23-17.11.23 SMK Fridays Feat Sisters Hope – Inhabitation
Workshop 09.11.23-09.11.23 Teaterhuset Talks ‘Det Ikke Menneskelige I Scenekunst’
Manifestation 26.10.23-29.10.23 Flowing Inhabitation At Sisters Hope Home (Hedehusene)
Presentation 26.10.23-26.10.23 Existential Resilience In School And Education
Presentation 06.10.23-06.10.23 Designing Narratives & Evoking Change Organized By Danish Design Center
Workshop 30.09.23-01.10.23 Performing Landscapes Non-Stop Organized By Metropolis
Teaching 12.09.23-12.09.23 Sisters Performance Method Department Of Therapy And Midwife At University College Copenhagen
Workshop 09.09.23-09.09.23 Earth Sense – Day Of Experiementation At Munkeruphus
Workshop 07.09.23-07.09.23 Poetic Connectedness At Royal Danish Academy – Institute Of Architecture & Design
Manifestation 25.08.23-27.08.23 Sensuous Governing At H.C. Andersen Festivals (Odense)
Presentation 26.08.23-26.08.23 Sensuous Reading Presentation Hosted By The Danish Reading Association
Manifestation 04.08.23-20.08.23 Sensuous Governing At Fringe Festival (Edinburgh)
Workshop 15.08.23-19.08.23 Meditation In The Herb Garden At Medicinsk Museion
Workshop 08.08.23-08.08.23 Poetic Midnight Ritual At Fringe Festival (Edinburgh)
Presentation 05.08.23-05.08.23 The Poetic Self At O Days Festival (Copenhagen)
Manifestation 16.02.23-23.07.23 Flowing Inhabitation At Sisters Hope Home (Hedehusene)
Talk 17.06.23-17.06.23 Does Science And Art Understand Each Other? At Folkemødet (Bornholm)
Workshop 13.06.23-15.06.23 Facilitator Of The Global Connector Network At IETM Plenary Meeting
Workshop 01.06.23-01.06.23 Unexpected At Lund University
Talk 27.05.23-27.05.23 Kosmisk Sprængning – Gry Worre Hallberg & Albert Sneppen At Bloom Festival
Workshop 27.05.23-27.05.23 Poetic Self Exercise At Bloom Festival
Presentation 25.05.23-25.05.23 På Byens Vegne – Den Inkluderende By Og Universelt Design
Manifestation 12.05.23-17.05.23 Sensuous City Local At Refshaleøen (Copenhagen)
Presentation 03.05.23-03.05.23 Sweeping Exchanges: Transformative Feminisms, Gender, And Nordic Art In The Global Present At Copenhagen University
Presentation 27.04.23-27.04.23 Aesthetics And The Landscapes Of Pedagogy, PhD Course At DPU, Aarhus University
Talk 01.04.23-01.04.23 New Perspectives On Art Economy Organized By A/nordic/c And The Nordic Cultural Foundation
Talk 01.04.23-01.04.23 Presenting At Aesthetics And The Landscapes Of Pedagogy, PhD Course At DPU, Aarhus University
Presentation 24.03.23-29.03.23 Participating & Presenting In Designing Narrative & Evoking Change Organised By The Danish Design Center
Presentation 20.03.23-20.03.23 Presenting Sensuous Reading At The Symposium Guided Reading A New Core Competence In Libraries
Manifestation 13.03.23-17.03.23 Manifesting At Vardes Kulturelle Rygsæk
Talk 01.03.23-01.03.23 Presenting At The Nordic Network For Adult Education
Presentation 01.03.23-01.03.23 Presenting For The Cultural Comitee At The Danish National Parliament
Presentation 01.02.23-01.02.23 Presenting Sensuous Learning For The Children And Education Comitee At The Dansih National Parliament
Presentation 01.02.23-01.02.23 Presenting At Interference Art And Science Symposium At Nikolaj Church
Teaching 01.01.22-01.01.23 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning As Artistic Partner In The European Erasmus+ Project: BAM – Art Rethinks Transformation For Training
Presentation 01.01.23-01.01.23 Presenting Aesthetics & Pedagogy At Aarhus University
Talk 01.01.23-01.01.23 Participating In Performing Landscapes Laboratorium Organized By Metropolis
Project 01.01.21-01.01.23 Sisters Hope Selected As IETM Global Connector
Presentation 01.01.23-01.01.23 Presenting And Facilitating At Making The Invisible Visible
Manifestation 17.12.21-04.12.22 Institute For Coexistence At WAMx Turku City Art Museum In Finland
Talk 01.12.22-01.12.22 Practices Influencing Empathy And Compassion At Center For Medical Humanities, Lund University
Talk 01.11.22-01.11.22 Lecture At The Royal Danish Academy, School Of Architecture On Krop Og Fænomen
Talk 01.11.22-01.11.22 Participating In Hvor Er Gnisten I Folkeoplysningen Organized By Grundtvigsk Forum
Presentation 01.11.22-01.11.22 Participating In Erasmus+ SenseSquared Conference In Lisbon, Portugal
Workshop 01.11.22-01.11.22 Facilitating Workshops At Seattle Symphony’s Young Composer Program
Talk 01.11.22-01.11.22 Participating And Pitching At CINARS In Montreal
Presentation 01.11.22-01.11.22 Presenting At Voksen Pædagogisk Forums Efterårsseminar
Talk 01.10.22-01.10.22 Participating In IETM Belgrade Plenary Meeting As IETM Global Connector
Talk 01.10.22-01.10.22 Participating In Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)
Talk 01.10.22-01.10.22 Participating In Perform The Institution At The National School Of Performing Art
Manifestation 01.09.22-30.09.22 Poetic Landscapes Processes At Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo In Palermo
Workshop 01.09.22-01.09.22 Participating In Vestegnens Kulturuge
Talk 01.08.22-01.08.22 Kunst & Kultur I Konflikt Og Krise At Kulturmødet På Mors
Talk 01.08.22-01.08.22 Presentation At Umeå Drama/Theater National Conference
Presentation 01.08.22-01.08.22 Presentation At The Ressonans Conference
Presentation 01.08.22-01.08.22 Presenting At Taiwan Season Symposium At Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Presentation 18.06.22-18.06.22 Presenting ‘the Sensuous Society – Vision Om En Bæredygtig Fremtid At Folkemødet På Bornholm
Manifestation 02.06.22-13.06.22 Inhabitation Infinity At Sisters Hope Home
Talk 01.06.22-01.06.22 Participating In SMK Fridays
Presentation 01.06.22-01.06.22 Presenting At Green Together At GAM, Chile
Talk 01.06.22-01.06.22 Participation In The Kultursalon – Fremtidens Scenekunst? Organised By The Minister Of Culture
Talk 01.06.22-01.06.22 Participating In The International Days At CPH STAGE 2022
Talk 01.06.22-01.06.22 Participating In The A/nordi/c Meeting At The Faroe Islands Organized By The Nordic Culture Foundation
Talk 01.06.22-01.06.22 Presenting At Nordic Street – Sustainability Of The Arts
Presentation 01.04.22-01.04.22 Presenting At SMK Fridays At The National Gallery Of Denmark (SMK)
Presentation 01.04.22-01.04.22 Presenting At Center For Sundhed Og Samfund At Copenhagen University
Presentation 01.04.22-01.04.22 Presenting At Forum For Existential Psychology And Therapy
Talk 01.04.22-01.04.22 Klimakrise Og Sanselighed – Hvad Gør Vi Herfra? Forskningens Døgn/The Danish Science Festival
Talk 01.03.22-01.03.22 Presentation At Teaterpædagogisk Salon
Talk 01.03.22-01.03.22 Presentation At Malmö Academy Of Music
Manifestation 01.03.22-01.03.22 Manifesting At Vardes Kulturelle Rygsæk
Presentation 01.02.22-01.02.22 Presentation At LIKHANDULA International Arts Exchange And Collaboration
Talk 01.02.22-01.02.22 Cosmic Care Podcast
Talk 01.01.22-01.01.22 Presentation Thinking Space National Theatre Scotland
Presentation 01.01.22-01.01.22 Presentation At Aarhus Festival
Presentation 01.01.22-01.01.22 Presentation Biblioteket I Et Sanseligt Samfund At Ølstykke Bibliotek
Teaching 01.07.21-01.01.22 Lectureship At Högskolan För Scen Och Musik, Göteborgs Universitet
Talk 01.01.21-31.12.21 Participating In The Project New European Bauhouse
Teaching 01.01.21-31.12.21 Counsellor At The Danish National School Of Performing Arts, Perform The Institution
Manifestation 01.11.21-30.11.21 Sisters Academy – The Takeover At AFUK
Manifestation 09.11.21-01.11.21 Exhibiting At The City A Digital-based Exhibition Exploring Artistic Image And Social Practice In Times Of Global Change
Talk 01.11.21-01.11.21 Art And Ecology At Hovedmuseumsmøde Organized By SMK
Talk 01.11.21-01.11.21 Presentation At Teaterpædagogisk Salon ‘På Tværs – Nye Visioner’ Organised By Act-Fact
Presentation 01.11.21-01.11.21 Presentation At DHK Psychiatry Conference “Sanselighed Som Metode”
Presentation 01.11.21-01.11.21 Presentation At The Seminar Research And Activism At The Theatre And Performance Studies University Of Copenhagen
Talk 01.11.21-01.11.21 “Kunstens Rolle I Samfundet – Kunstnerisk Kvalitet På Bæredygtige Præmisser” At The Danish Art Foundation
Talk 01.11.21-01.11.21 Participating In Poesi And Empati Organized By Rapolitics
Talk 01.11.21-01.11.21 The Symposium ‘One Creation, Many Realms’ At Thorvaldsens Museum Organized By SixtyEight Art Institute
Presentation 01.11.21-01.11.21 Salzburg Global Seminar: “The Creative Power Of The Arts: Reimagining Human And Planetary Flourishing”
Manifestation 07.10.21-14.10.21 Inhabitation Air At Sisters Hope Home
Talk 01.10.21-01.10.21 ANTS 2021 “Utopia And Performance”
Workshop 01.10.21-01.10.21 Presentation And Workshop At Das Fliegende Künstlerzimmer, Frankfurt
Talk 01.10.21-01.10.21 Keynote Panel On Utopia And Performance By Association Of Nordic Theatre Scholars, Stockholm, Sweden
Presentation 01.09.21-01.09.21 Presentation At Future Design Societies Danish Design Museum
Presentation 01.09.21-01.09.21 Presentation Of Making Art More Accessible At The Living Manifesto
Workshop 01.09.21-01.09.21 Participating In Vestegnens Kulturuge
Talk 01.08.21-01.08.21 Participating And Presenting At Kultursalon På Marienborg
Presentation 01.08.21-01.08.21 Presentation At Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Presentation 01.08.21-01.08.21 Presentation At The Act Of Walking At Waves Festival
Talk 01.08.21-01.08.21 Presentation At Rapolitics
Talk 01.06.21-01.08.21 Participation In Russian Virtual Residency THE CITY
Manifestation 01.07.21-31.07.21 Sensuous City With Metropolis/KIT And Nikolaj Kunsthal
Teaching 01.01.21-01.03.21 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Presentation 01.03.21-01.03.21 At ASSITEJ World Congress In Tokyo
Teaching 01.03.21-01.03.21 Teaching Art And Activism At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Teaching 01.02.21-01.02.21 At Malmö Academy Of Music
Presentation 01.02.21-01.02.21 Presenting And Facilitating Danske Hospitalsklovne
Teaching 01.01.21-01.01.21 Presenting And Teaching At Легкие люди – Актерская школа
Talk 01.01.21-01.01.21 Mental Health In Reading Groups Stimulated By Sisters Performance Methods 3 Year Projects Starts
Presentation 01.01.21-01.01.21 Presenting And Facilitating At Rapolitics
Teaching 01.09.20-30.12.20 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Teaching 01.11.20-15.11.20 Sisters Hope Teaching In The ShowUp Program
Presentation 01.11.20-01.11.20 At The DMK Conference
Presentation 01.09.20-01.09.20 At The Philippine Malinkhaing Guro International Conference On Culture-based Education
Presentation 01.08.20-01.08.20 At Kulturmødet På Mors
Manifestation 06.05.20-18.05.20 Wa(l)king Copenhagen By Metropolis
Teaching 01.04.20-01.04.20 Sisters Academy – The Takeover At AFUK (Cancelled Due To Covid-19)
Presentation 01.04.20-01.04.20 Open Forum At The Academy Of Fine Arts In Oslo (Cancelled Due To Covid-19)
Manifestation 01.03.20-01.03.20 At VKR (Cancelled Due To Covid-19)
Teaching 01.02.20-29.02.20 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning Long-term Course At Ryslinge Højskole
Teaching 01.02.20-10.02.20 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Presentation 01.02.20-01.02.20 At Malmö Academy Of Music
Presentation 16.01.20-19.01.20 At Deserting From The Cultural Wars
Presentation 01.01.20-01.01.20 At Distract Me Not By The Bikuben Foundation
Presentation 01.12.19-01.12.19 At Protreptik, Teaterøen
Presentation 01.12.19-01.12.19 At Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium
Workshop 01.11.19-01.11.19 At Lund University
Presentation 01.11.19-01.11.19 At The Danish Cultural Institute In Russia
Presentation 01.11.19-01.11.19 At Kunst Og Social Forandring By Metropolis/KIT
Presentation 01.09.19-01.09.19 At SMK
Presentation 01.09.19-01.09.19 At Copenhagen VISIONING LAB With Metropolis/KIT
Presentation 01.09.19-01.09.19 At Memory #04: Installing The Anarchive
Presentation 01.08.19-01.08.19 At Waves Festival
Manifestation 14.07.19-26.07.19 Sensuous City With Metropolis/KIT
Manifestation 01.06.19-01.06.19 At Communicating The Arts
Presentation 01.06.19-01.06.19 At Prague Quadrennial 2019
Manifestation 01.05.19-01.05.19 Sensuous Governing At CPH STAGE
Presentation 01.05.19-01.05.19 Presenting For Swedish Sexology Students
Manifestation 01.05.19-01.05.19 Manifesting At Berlin FRATZ Festival
Workshop 01.05.19-01.05.19 Workshopping At The National Museum Of Art, Architecture And Design, Oslo, Norway
Workshop 01.04.19-01.04.19 Workshopping At VKR
Presentation 01.04.19-01.04.19 Presenting For Swedish Arts Education Students.
Teaching 01.02.19-01.02.19 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning Long-term Course At Ryslinge Højskole
Presentation 01.02.19-01.02.19 Presenting At Thesmoforia Festival
Presentation 01.02.19-01.02.19 Presenting At Problema
Teaching 01.02.19-01.02.19 Teaching At Malmö Academy Of Music
Manifestation 01.01.19-01.01.19 Manifesting At IPAY, US
Manifestation 01.12.18-01.12.18 Manifesting At Mind The Gap
Presentation 01.11.18-01.11.18 Presenting At Hotel Pro Forma’s CPH Breakfast
Presentation 01.11.18-01.11.18 Presenting At NPU, Hamar, Norway
Workshop 01.11.18-01.11.18 Workshop At Udviklingsplatformen
Presentation 01.10.18-01.10.18 East Street Arts, Leeds, UK
Presentation 01.10.18-01.10.18 Mind The Gap
Workshop 01.10.18-01.10.18 Workshop At Ryslinge Højskole
Presentation 01.10.18-01.10.18 Presenting At Holbæk Kunsthøjskole
Presentation 01.09.18-01.09.18 Presenting At Conference In Guldborgsund
Presentation 01.08.18-01.08.18 Presenting At AoMO2018, Brighton, UK
Presentation 01.08.18-01.08.18 Presenting At ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, Beijing
Presentation 01.06.18-01.06.18 Presenting At Metropolis Residencies – Engaging The City
Teaching 01.02.18-30.05.18 Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning Long-term Course At Ryslinge Højskole
Presentation 01.05.18-01.05.18 Presenting At Communicating The Museum Brussels, Belgium
Presentation 01.05.18-01.05.18 Presenting At Forum För Communityart & Fredspedagogik
Presentation 01.04.18-01.04.18 Presenting At Sensuous Learning Symposium, Liverpool, UK
Workshop 01.04.18-01.04.18 Workshopping At VKR
Teaching 01.03.18-01.03.18 Teaching At The Univeristy Of Stavanger, Norway
Manifestation 01.02.18-01.02.18 Manifesting At Thorvaldsens Museum As Part Og KBH Læser
Presentation 01.02.18-01.02.18 Presenting At Kunsthal Aarhus
Presentation 01.02.18-01.02.18 Presenting At DUF
Presentation 01.11.17-01.11.17 Presenting At SMK Seminar Performance In Institutions And Institutional Performances
Presentation 01.11.17-01.11.17 Presenting At NPU, Norway
Manifestation 19.09.17-18.10.17 Sisters Academy – The Boarding School At Den Frie
Presentation 01.10.17-01.10.17 Presenting At Rapolitics Seminar On Art And Activism
Presentation 01.10.17-01.10.17 Presenting A Selection Of Books Related To The Theme ‘Manifest’ For ‘CPH Reads’
Presentation 01.06.17-01.06.17 Presenting As Part Of The Artistic Research Group At PSi#23, Hamburg
Presentation 01.05.17-01.05.17 Presenting At Dansehallerne’s International Conference On Arts And Education
Presentation 01.05.17-01.05.17 Presenting At Assitej In Cape Town, South Africa
Manifestation 25.02.17-17.03.17 Sisters Academy At Fremtidslinjen
Presentation 01.03.17-01.03.17 Presenting At Nyborg Gymnasium
Presentation 01.11.16-01.11.16 Presenting At Studio Copenhagen
Presentation 01.11.16-01.11.16 Presenting At Landsforeningen For Børn, Kunst, Billeder
Presentation 01.11.16-01.11.16 Presenting At Oure Academy
Manifestation 25.10.16-28.10.16 Sisters Academy #4, Iceland
Presentation 01.10.16-01.10.16 Presenting At The Rythmic Music Conservatory
Teaching 01.09.16-01.09.16 Teaching And Presenting At OPUS, Scenekunstskolen
Teaching 01.09.16-01.09.16 Teaching At University Of Agder, Department Of Visual And Scenic Arts, Norway
Presentation 01.09.16-01.09.16 Presenting At Ungdommens Folkemøde
Presentation 01.09.16-01.09.16 Presenting At Young ID Zug, Zürich
Teaching 01.08.16-01.08.16 Teaching At Kunsthøjskolen
Manifestation 01.07.16-01.07.16 Performance Music Dialogues At Roskilde Festival
Talk 01.07.16-01.07.16 Talking At PSi – Performance Climates, Melbourne
Presentation 01.05.16-01.05.16 Presenting At BIBU – Scenkonstbiennal For Barn Og Unge
Presentation 01.05.16-01.05.16 Presenting At SWOPfestival, Aaben Dans
Teaching 01.04.16-01.04.16 Teaching At Iceland Academy Of Arts, Arts Education As Part Of The Preparations For Sisters Academy #4, Iceland
Manifestation 01.03.16-01.03.16 Sisters Academy #3, Sweden – Part Two The Takeover
Presentation 01.02.16-01.02.16 Presenting At The Edge, Arken
Presentation 01.11.15-01.11.15 Presenting At TEDx Talk On Sisters Academy, Uppsala University
Presentation 01.10.15-01.10.15 Presenting At Bästa Biennalen By Moderna Museet And Tate London
Manifestation 01.09.15-07.09.15 Sisters Academy #3, Sweden
Manifestation 01.09.15-01.09.15 Sisters Academy #3, Sweden – Part One Of Sisters Academy Malmö – The Boarding School With Inkonst
Presentation 01.09.15-01.09.15 Presenting At Nordic Music Days
Manifestation 01.07.15-01.07.15 Sisters Sea, Sommarscen Malmö
Manifestation 01.06.15-01.06.15 Performance Music Dialogues At Roskilde Festival
Manifestation 01.06.15-01.06.15 Sisters Eat, Prague Quadrennial PQ15
Manifestation 01.06.15-01.06.15 Sisters Academy #2, Greenland, Fluid States, PS1 #21
Manifestation 01.05.15-01.05.15 Sisters In Glass, SPOR Festival
Manifestation 01.04.15-01.04.15 Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality, The National Gallery Of Denmark
Presentation 01.04.15-01.04.15 Presenting In A Circle Of Dreams For The Future Of Education, KRUM – Festival Of Body, Space, Identity And Education, Teatercentrum
Manifestation 01.11.14-01.11.14 Manifesting Sisters Seek, InnoCarnival
Presentation 01.10.14-01.10.14 Presenting At Deltagerinvolverende Scenekunst, Aarhus University
Manifestation 01.10.14-01.10.14 Manifesting Sisters Deep, Litteraturhistorie I Praksis
Manifestation 01.09.14-01.09.14 Manifesting Sisters Hope In Rijeka, Fluid States, Psi#21
Manifestation 01.09.14-01.09.14 Manifesting Sisters Seek, Art Copenhagen
Manifestation 28.06.14-02.07.14 The Performance Sense Laboratory At Roskilde Festival
Manifestation 11.06.14-11.06.14 Sisters Hope And Campingkvinderne At ESOF – Science In The City Festival
Manifestation 24.02.14-07.03.14 Sisters Academy #1 At HF & VUC, FYN, FLOW
Manifestation 20.12.13-31.12.13 Sisters Academy
Presentation 01.12.13-01.12.13 Presenting Sensuous Society, TedXCopenhagen
Workshop 09.09.10-09.09.10 Sisters Hope – The Reds Are Everywhere
Workshop 01.11.06-01.11.06 Starlight Hotel