Sisters Sensing (The World) – China

22.04.24 — 08.05.24

Sisters Sensing (the World) will unfold as a series of performative walks in seven countries across the continents of Europe, Asia, and South America. The project is intended as a long-term strategic development cooperation between Sisters Hope and the Danish Cultural Institute with the intention to explore a potential Sensuous Society in a variety of contexts, listen loud  and research and manifest connectivity beyond borders. The first walk will take part in China in 2024 and then move on to India, Brazil, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

The walks will each be 12 hours with ritualistic and contextual stops every hour, which will be live-streamed globally through a media platform. The walks are manifesting in collaboration with the Copenhagen-based festival Metropolis, who initiated this format during the Covid19 pandemic.

The walks are born out of an intention to manifest regeneration in the wake of crises through active embodied listening to lands.