Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality (The World)

01.01.20 — 01.01.28

Sisters Hope have launched a strategic collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute under the title Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality. The ambition is to take the Sisters Hope and the project internationally and thereby unfold and explore our performance method and the concept of Sensuous Learning in a variety of different cultures. The project is also an exploration and investigation of common experiences around the world and not at least the planting of seeds for potential new and more sustainable approaches to life in a time where the ground is fertile.

In 2024 the project will manifest as as series of global sensuous walks across continents. In the spring; Beijing, China, in the fall; Sao Paulo, Brazil and in the winter; Goa, India. Beyond 2024 these manifestations will continue to the Baltic Countries, Ukraine and Turkey.

Planned iterations:
Sisters Sensing – China: April 2024
Sisters Sensing – Brazil: October 2024
Sisters Sensing – India: December 2024