Sisters Hope is a highly acclaimed and award-winning Copenhagen-based performance group and movement spearheading a new wave of performance artwork


Sisters Sensing (The World) - ChinaSisters Sensing (The World) will unfold as a series of performative walks in six countries across the continents of Europe, Asia, and South America. The project is intended as a long-term strategic development cooperation between Sisters Hope and the Danish Cultural Institute with the intention to explore a potential Sensuous Society in a variety of contexts, listen loud and research and manifest connectivity beyond borders.

Egg Totem Life & Egg Totem DeathWe are excited to release a limited series of Egg Totems: Egg Totem Life & Egg Totem Death. Both editions are casted in pure and massive bronze. Always a special symbol to the Sensuous Society we are happy to make these totems of the sensuous and poetic available to the world. More info here.

SISTERS HOPE HOMEIn October 2021 we opened Sisters Hope Home at Hedehusene in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Sisters Hope Home is 5-year-durational artwork, a platform for artistic research and a lived example of a new artistic paradigm that we have termed ‘Inhabitation’ – moving beyond both spectatorship and temporary participation in the arts.

SENSUOUS SOCIETY – BEYOND ECONOMIC RATIONALITYSisters Hope have launched a strategic collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute under the title Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality – Exploring how the sensuous and poetic unfolds in different cultural contexts. Sisters Hope will manifest and dive deep in a series of different geographical contexts internationally in close collaboration with local partners.

SENSUOUS SOCIETY – CARVING THE PATH TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTUREIn her PhD Gry Worre Hallberg explores how her artistic practice stimulate an ecological awareness of connectivity in the participants, which according to the ecological theory presented in the dissertation is pivotal to sustainable transition.

Flowing InhabitationFlowing Inhabitation is manifested in our home – Sisters Hope Home – in Hedehusene. Sisters Hope Home is a 5-year-durational artwork and platform for performance experiments, sensuous learning, and artistic research. The ambition is to create permanent access to The Sensuous Society and a place dedicated to poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together. Tickets