Egg Totem Life & Egg Totem Death

06.11.23 — 31.12.24


Two beautiful editions of bronze totems
We are excited to release a limited series of Egg Totems: Egg Totem Life & Egg Totem Death. Both editions are casted in pure and massive bronze. The Egg Totem Life is casted from the size of a chicken egg and the Egg Totem Death from ostrich egg with a whole weight of 13 kilos. Always a special symbol to the Sensuous Society we are happy to make these totems of the sensuous and poetic available to the world.

The Egg Totem Life is released in a limited edition of 40 and the Egg Totem Death is released in a limited edition of 5. Each individual totem is engraved with an individual symbol from Sisters Hope’s unique number-system. The Egg Totem Life is priced at 3.000 dkk and the Egg Totem Death is prized at 19.000 dkk. The Egg Totem Life can be purchased through this link. The Egg Totem Death is solely available through special agreement. Please reach out to us at

Purchasing an egg totem is also a chance to support the work of Sisters Hope, a continued life for future Poetic Selves and carving paths towards a Sensuous Society.

During the process of acquiring your Egg Totem we will ask you the following questions:

  • In which environment will your Egg Totem live?
  • How is your Egg Totem linked to your Poetic Self?
  • What is your dream for a future Sensuous Society?

The Egg totem will be hand-delivered to you at Sisters Hope Home by special agreement or shipped.

We look very much forward to release the Egg Totems and let them travel out into the world – to new homes.

The Egg Totem Life can be purchased through this link.