Sisters Hope Home

01.01.21 — 31.12.25

In October 2021 we opened Sisters Hope Home at Hedehusene in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Sisters Hope Home is perennial durational artwork and platform for artistic research. For the next years we will manifest this artwork dedicated to poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together. The project originated from a longing for a venue where we could unfold our performative experiments and works in deeper and more refined versions. Sisters Hope Home is also aligned with our current artistic research on how inhabitation of the sensuous and poetic relates to the understanding of the ecological connectedness of everything.

Sisters Hope Home will serve as a platform for our performative manifestations and artistic research within the framework of an on-going performance and a permanent access to The Sensuous Society. The project has been established in collaboration with the Høje-Taastrup Municipality and in addition the foundation, Realdania, has provided the financial support to transform the physical facilities into the distinctive and aesthetic universe of Sisters Hope.

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