In Gry Worre Hallbergs PhD she explores how her artistic practices stimulate an ecological awareness of connectivity in the participants, which according to the ecological theory presented in the dissertation is pivotal to sustainable transition. This stimulation is induced through aesthetic evocation, by which the aesthetic, and thus sensuous, do support the transition towards a more sustainable future. She furthermore recommends what she has termed inhabitation in the artwork – Inhabitation moves beyond not only spectatorship, but also participation and allows for more permanent access to the sensuous and poetic and she suggests that it could be a whole new artistic paradigm.

PhD, “Sensuous Society – Carving the path towards a sustainable future through aesthetic inhabitation stimulating ecologic connectedness”, by Gry Worre Hallberg, Københavns Universitet, Det Humanistiske Fakultet, 2021.

The book includes:
More than 350 photographs, illustrations and notes from the Sisters Hope and Dome of Visions.
Sensuous Society Manifesto.
Chapters: Introduction, Artistic research, Theory, Practice descriptions: Actualizing the Manifesto, Documentation, Analysis – Immersed in the data (an experiential reflection), Discussion, Conclusion and Perspectives.
Dome of Visions from an organizer’s and a visitor’s perspective.
Sisters Academy from two students’ perspective.
A thorough visual analysis of what Hallberg terms in situ material (drawings and notes) from Sisters Hope and Dome of Visions.

Publication details:
Hardback, 170 x 240 mm
484 pages, english text
1. edition, 2021
ISBN: 978-87-973427-1-8
Published by Sisters Hope

Price: 400 DKK

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