The color of growth

Out of the ground
Into the sky
I stretched out my green

Darkness, cold,
It has always been my mode of being. When I first did the poetic self exercise I thought my name was the illness, the darkness or the grey, but when we did it the second time all I could see was green. Growth. I had already grown.
The green. A symbol, a metaphor of growth. It was hard at first. I had gotten so used to being the dark, sad or grey one that expressing myself as aomething else felt strange. But it felt real. Like a new truth.

I have seen the growth of many people. Every line on the papaer on the wall of my tablaux represents a person’s growth. Every line is different. The line intertwine and effefct each other because your growth depends on who meet along the way. Every line you meet determines what way your line can be drawn.

As I grew as the green I realized that I might not be as sick as I thoiught I was. The the years I have spent suffering from schizophrenia are not wasted, but merely a part of my dark, cold ground. The ground I grow in.

A single seen deep underground. Start growing! Grow out of the ground and the sun!
Be green!
Be green and drak!
Be both.
You can’t have light without dark.
You can’t have warm without cold.
You can’t have sky, sun without ground, earth.
You can’t grow without having roots in the ground, in the dark, in the cold.

Born in the dark
Live in the light
I breathe, now, as green

The green

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