Sisters Sensing (The World) – China – Zrak

It’s in my hair, in my head and mouth

it shortens my breath

It’s under my tongue and in-between my teeth

it wraps around their roots

It’s behind my eyes and around my eyeballs

it fills my under-eyes like tiny sacks

I tightly close my eyes and squeeze them with my fingers,

but you linger, Wind

You are sliding down my throat, trough my nose and with my tears

you got stuck under my fingernails and combed every hair on my body

You crawled all over the place

And found your way inside

where no one has ever visited

where lies what I never seem to notice

what I can’t look too closely

what I don’t take seriously


I feel, I know

That if you could, you would gladly take me away

You would gladly lift me from the ground and take me to a nicer place

You are not as cold and indifferent as you seem


Here, by the sea, where we met

I am desired

And understood


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