Transparent Hearts – Futures – The Woman

When moving into Fremtids Linjen – The Woman manifested and investigated the power of Romance.
What is romantic ? The faith in beauty and immediacy – connection.
Immediate devotion to life, waking up to glory. The room with a view, connecting with people, grass and the magicians table.
Letting people into the apparent, playing with life as it occur.
Having no secret agenda , other than healing the gap between you and me , by being true to uncertainty – addressing each and every in its habitat.
I felt the students at fremtids linjen really understand the significant effect directness of communication and interaction, can have on life, people our environment and our selves. You taught me a lot about my own hesitations!
We tend to hesitate in communicating hurt, love, joy,insecurity sometimes security!!

I found the research of Transparency to be one of most value, for it tells about heart.
For the future I hope we will be brave , to express from heart. Unfold our wings.

Thank You
The Woman

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