Transparent Hearts – Futures – The Woman

When moving into Fremtids Linjen – The Woman manifested and investigated the power of Romance.
What is romantic ? The faith in beauty and immediacy – connection.
Immediate devotion to life, waking up to glory. The room with a view, connecting with people, grass and the magicians table.
Letting people into the apparent, playing with life as it occur.
Having no secret agenda , other than healing the gap between you and me , by being true to uncertainty – addressing each and every in its habitat.
I felt the students at fremtids linjen really understand the significant effect directness of communication and interaction, can have on life, people our environment and our selves. You taught me a lot about my own hesitations!
We tend to hesitate in communicating hurt, love, joy,insecurity sometimes security!!

I found the research of Transparency to be one of most value, for it tells about heart.
For the future I hope we will be brave , to express from heart. Unfold our wings.

Thank You
The Woman

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The Icelandic manifestation of Sisters Academy is on! It is planned in collaboration with Iceland Academy of Arts and Myndlistaskóllin. The preparations included a full course at The Iceland Academy of Arts, Arts Education conceived in the spring of 2016 and the actual current manifestation at the upper secondary school Myndlistaskólinn in Reykjavik. See full credit list here.