Sisters Sensing (The World) – China – The Sister

The Egg is Earth.

This Connection of Everyone with Lungs.

People not afraid of otherworldliness.

You are my Sister. My Earthling Sister. Same species. Daughter. Mother. Do you have an age or are you ageless?

All elements. Air. Air. Air. Earth. Fire. Water.

No fear. Connected. Safe.

The sun over the Yellow Sea. Why do you go there? Because there are humans there.

Support. Grateful. Why me?

Stomach empty. Body clear. Mind clear. With you I am safe.

Sisters radio. The people. All the people.

Walk slow. Wait. Wait. Wait, Wait.

Patience. Resist restlessness. Resist control. Devote.

Listen loud. Body ears. I rest through my skin. I listen through my skin. I love through my skin.

This is what matters. Matters. Universe opens to us. Thank you.

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