Monday. Now we are going into the last week with the Sisters Academy on the Fremtidslinjen.

It has been incredibly exciting to follow the physical structure of the school, which has taken shape over the last week. It feels like stepping into another era every morning I meet into…….. a bit like “Monty Pythons, Brasil’s universe”

Personally, I have been happy to be able to put a large part of my normal work tasks away in these weeks and where I have been able to grow my passion, playing and composing music with a guitar setup.

Monday is the plan that, Air, the Story Teller and I have to make some music where we will include some students to interact and singing … I look forward to what comes out of it.

Now as we are going into the last week, I can as a janitor not help thinking about the tasks that are pending when disassembly of SA is finished, I’ll try to shoot the thoughts from me, so it doesn’t dominate and inhibit my poetic self.

Thoughts from The Sphere

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