Sisters Academy

It was okay for me to be in Sisters Academy, because I have learned good things. About my self, and also about how I am best at learning in my classes.
When I spoke to the performers id liked it, and I though that I got something good out of it for my self, so that was good, but when it came to my classes… it was okay to try something new, but I just didn’t thought that I got enough out of it, like I do on FLOW.
Specially when it comes to math class, I just could not learn it in their way, but then again when it came to the other classes id didn’t have the same problem as I had in my math class.
Every single day I came home from Sisters Academy, I was tarried in my head, because of all those impression I where getting in school. So when it was the last days in Sisters Academy, I was glad that it soon was over, because I was tarried physically and physics, so I where looking forward to come back to my normal day in school.
Maybe I am a logical person when it comes to learning, or maybe I can do both, but now I am just glad that it is over, and I am back on FLOW again, because it is where I belong.

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