How to create a more poetic, interconnected and caring world?

Can we create a more poetic, connected and caring world, without being immersed in nature, in daylight, positive emotions, deep feelings of connection, and ethical imagination on how to serve and create a better world, for the emergence of a ‘new normal’? Is there a place or need for shutting ourselves off and immersing us in (additional) negative emotions and desires to address current crises? And what is the potential role of (creating new) rituals to address current crises – integrated, continuous practices, as opposed to short-term, ritual interventions?

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This is it, it has begun. A new day in school. It’s not the first, it’s not the last, it is only one beginning. A break of dawn and soon there will be new days at The School, and it will unravel. Just taste those words, a new old beginning.…