The Sound Seeker is a musician and a scientist who is constantly seeking the inner sounds of everybody aErikLundback2014cnd everything. His ultimate goal is to pursue The Melody of Life. He does that from his laboratory at Inkonst and through his students. The Sound Seeker urges everybody to find the inner sounds and vibrations of all things around them both material and immaterial and to listen to them as a way of becoming more present and on the path of The Melody of Life. He is dressed in a proper 1920’s manner and often wearing his lab coat when he is teaching and researching. The Sound Seeker’s human embodiment is Mads Korsgaard a Danish actor and singer in his thirties. Mads lived in Sweden for more than 12 years, but he is now based in Copenhagen. He studied at Stockholm Academy of Dramatics Arts (Teaterhögskolan) and The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Kungl. Musikhögskolan).

Photo: Erik Lundback

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