A wolf cries to the moon

Hey you. I am dancing with the sense of who you are. You are living as memories under my skin, but in this writing moment, I have no idea in what corner of my flesh or bones you are hiding or breathing from. I know that you are there, but I do not know how far we must go together to find you and become one. Become one again. But differently.

Today, I started the mating ritual. The act that will give you life. Life that you are already living under my skin. I am calling you to come forward while letting my intuition lead the way. I promise, I will love and hate you no matter what you look like. So don’t play hide and seek forever.

I will search for you in my dreams, in the hallways of the Sisters Academy, and in the forest where I was raised. As a wolf cries to the moon. Night and day, calling your name, until I hear your answer.

With all my being. My wild, poetic soul.


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