Before entering

I feel a bit numb. I’ve been sleeping too little and it makes me feel like a zombie. My brain is working in slowmotion and my mind doesn’t focus on one thought but floats around instead.

I’m on a full train my body is closed and focused on itself. I’m making sure not to look at anyone or create contact. If I could I’d like to be alone in silence.

I’m very aware of my visual sense in my everyday life, perceiving life through what I see. Smell and taste senses activate when I eat and cook.

I’m entering one day later than the rest of my class and I have a small concern about missing out on something and not being as integrated -in the space -in the group.

I fear not being good enough. Not doing enough.

I dream of art integrated un society. I dream of huge aesthetic dreams becoming reality and seeing how it would benefit the people it touches. I also dream of livong a slow life in the countryside…

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I am interested in dedicated, extended processes in a group, like long-term relationships, like Club de la Faye’s ‘Rituel du Papillon’ project, like Pina Bausch worked with her family of dancers, like Frank recording an album. Where the unique inner culture is shaped, where unwritten law is clear to everyone…

regarding homework home at work, always working at home when not home also work(ing) and when not working nothing sticks we only work when we hang out other times are for me working and you worrying – at home or what turns out to be a temporary way of living.…