Before entering

I feel a bit numb. I’ve been sleeping too little and it makes me feel like a zombie. My brain is working in slowmotion and my mind doesn’t focus on one thought but floats around instead.

I’m on a full train my body is closed and focused on itself. I’m making sure not to look at anyone or create contact. If I could I’d like to be alone in silence.

I’m very aware of my visual sense in my everyday life, perceiving life through what I see. Smell and taste senses activate when I eat and cook.

I’m entering one day later than the rest of my class and I have a small concern about missing out on something and not being as integrated -in the space -in the group.

I fear not being good enough. Not doing enough.

I dream of art integrated un society. I dream of huge aesthetic dreams becoming reality and seeing how it would benefit the people it touches. I also dream of livong a slow life in the countryside…

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