Author: Inhabitant, Sisters Hope Home


Look at you. Look at the way you stand there, as a body in this universe. Waiting to enter the Sisters Home. Waiting just like me. To sense the unsensuous. The impossible dream. Waiting for the wonderful honesty. Look at that body. Look at this body. Capturing the YOU inside a costume of skin. Moving towards the next destination. Moving without knowing, only by believing. So much insecurity. So much…


I am a traveller without a destination. I do not choose destinations. They present themselves to me. I am grateful to have arrived at Sisters Hope Home, a destination I could never have imagined, knowing in advance that I would never want to miss. As each destination carries the promise of the next, I wonder which one will come to me now.

Forever your Nature

I found the vessel of time, broken at lastsand pouring out and filling meinfinity hours, seems like airair second containing infinitya treasure inside, mother of pearl shimmering in candle light just do what thou wilt, never doubtingthe choices made have given answersmy true will makes me gravitatetowards connection, pain and beauty holding on to what is and what is not blinded, open my eyes.. again.. and again.. find you there,…