Just like in dreams, we create when we are awake.

We create love, we create suffering, we create death.

We are the creators.

With one movement I can go back to recreating thousands of years circle of my past lives

Or I can opean my eyes, hear, feel, taste and create a new outcome.

The structure of the environment, just the the structure of the brain upholds the patterns.

When we dim out the structure, introduce the new, we help ourselves in breaking out.

Now, it is not easy to create, when your hand never even grazed the brush.

If you, however dare to be playful and for a moment be a fool

You will see the creation is not hard, it is not even an activity.

It just is, and it just flows, it pours out of you.

Gentle touch of a finger, gentle laugh, gentle kiss will make you feel more awake than you had ever been.


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