The Question

With immense power, resistance dictates the energy exerted
When resistance is too high, no energy will flow
When resistance is lowered the only limits are the physical restraints
When the initial resistance is too low the energy will shatter the physical
In an explosion melting into and burning everything around
I don’t want to burn those around me
I want to be a dynamo fed by input
Shining a light on the path you direct me to reveal the obstacles
I will lower my resistance

The Question

Zrak caught me peeking through the grand veil
“Can I bother you?”
“I don’t know if i’m botherable, but yes”
“Okay i will ask you a favor then”
That was the entrance to the rabbit hole
What i’m finding on the inside i struggle to explain
But i love it
I might be dreaming it all up
But i’m not alone
I love being botherable

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