Forever your Nature

I found the vessel of time, broken at last
sand pouring out and filling me
infinity hours, seems like air
air second containing infinity
a treasure inside, mother of pearl shimmering in candle light

just do what thou wilt, never doubting
the choices made have given answers
my true will makes me gravitate
towards connection, pain and beauty
holding on to what is and what is not

blinded, open my eyes.. again.. and again..
find you there, gazing back,
into my iris, seeing me, reflecting in you
to find you accepting me, catch me
with your humanity, with your tears on my cheek

bloom where I am, I don’t care, just bloom
finding nourishment and growing, into the magnificent
the best that will be, the only and all
a beautiful flower, without a care in the world
just being forever your Nature.

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