shyness and shame freezes me.

this place that made me feel so strongly connected and wondrous is now an open doorway ahead of me.

i am very excited and very afraid.

what am i dong? all i know is that i am EXTREMELY sensous and curious.  and i long..

i want to stop waiting for the future.

i want to engage the senses in a world in which the sense of having is becoming the only one. i want to re-learn how we-they-you-i smell what we smell, listen to what we hear, see what we look at, feel what we touch and taste what we eat. Being human is to reconnect to our senses.
i have been helped to open my perspectives and ways of being aware of my subconscious poetic self once. it has been lurking around in the dark trying to hide from the light. it is a secret. but not any more. in two days i shall creep out and re-connect.

i am afraid but excited to meet you.

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