Thoughts before

I am unsure of what to expect but feel excited and curious about the stay.
I feel unprepared, thinking that the stay could both give me material and wake something inside me.

My state of mind is affected by the darkness outside. It makes me low on energy. I wonder how I will feel while living in Sisters Home. The gentle pace might help me, but the small rooms with dimmed lights might make it even harder for me to see light.

I also feel independent. I know that I am strong enough to carry on as I wish to. I follow my instincts and act by impuls and sense.
At the same time, do I reflect and think alot about my present being and who I am.
I try hard to be kind and liked and care a lot for others.

In my everyday life, I use my will and imagination to motivate myself. I observe and listen to communicate and give belief and trust.

I have a concern about physical activity where I, in my everyday life, move a lot several hours a day. I am also concerned about staying in the dimmed rooms but am informed that we can always go outside for daylight.
I fear that this is not right for me. That I will feel like I do not belong or that people outside will think bad about me.

I dream of using art to change the world, of a career as an artist. I dream of finding my true self and dare to live like her, dream of creating something that will be seen and approved. I hope to find something in Sisters Performance Methods.

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