There is a magic to know

There is a magic to know….available to all of us, waiting for us, longing for us, calling for us.

I have, in my way known that magic, some part of it, some form of it. I have felt sensitive to it, known to appreciate it, to take it in. I have also known and carried the weight of a strange sort of amputated feeling, a deep longing that could not find its place.

During these past months I have been given ways to both form and walk over bridges.

I am overwhelmed by the power of externalizing this inner poetic life.

We can give it form; we can serve up images and in the act of that give and get so much. We can explore. It will always expand.

I have trust that things will surface in their time.

I am so full of gratitude to be able to enter this magic, this other reality that is just as real, so grateful to be able to actually live in it in such a concrete way and share it with others, be the witness of others and have them witnessing me.

We can be here, so very present.

There are so many beautiful questions to swim in.

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