The Voice of Gas


The Voice of Gas is moving in a multiple universe. Transcending with stillness in her heart close to earth, giving voice to honesty. The truth is vibrating… Like an animal resonating with water and air, dreaming in a large scale, predicting and watching it all come toghether. The truth is vibrating… starting it all over again, dancing, singing, making love to the creation. Slowly accepting, slowly turning, slowly shifting.

Born out of almost nothing, shaking of stardust. Playing the stardust. Tripping on the wings of light. Eating sounds, looking for birds, touching skin, holding it together. Listening back to the laughing trees. Scenting the rhythms, the calls. Bringing back forgotton and unaware pieces, frozen echoes melting into intuive sensing soundwaves of conscioussness. Like a magnetic invisible cloud riding the winds.

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I take away my visual sight to explore awareness, to see new things that I didn’t know was there. Here. I blindfold myself to expand my experience of space. I blindfold myself to expand my experience of time. In the darkness I meet sounds and textures, vibrations and formations: Actions…