Affection towards surroundings is the future of a sustainable inhabitation on earth and in the future society

The ritual is an opening of affection, and it is situated in architecture and in the awareness of so

Light, sound, smell, skin, surface, atmosphere, touch, sight – our capability to affect to everything that enclose us

We are drawn into a hemisphere based upon fragments of time that constitutes itself as souvenirs of situations.

When being fully aware – hyper-affective – we experience delimited moments of space.

In architecture we construct the concept of time by experiencing the depths and widths of space – as the trespasser who calculate the length of his path by gasping into the hollow tunnel

The experience of time is similarly coherent to travelling across a landscape – both metaphysically and practically. As a horse stomping through the harsh soil and sensing the surface of movement.

A scene that is constructed within theatrical methodologies in the social, bio-political, infrastructural situations that manipulate behavior and interactions of man.

The ritual in architecture is put into action when the construction of space is forcing us to experience our surroundings in a particular way. It creates an atmosphere that makes us aware anew. It has the potential to frame our world, a potential that guides our perception on something rather specific, or not?

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