The sunset

here by the window

I die a little


every sunset

with a cigarette in my right hand


this is where I meet

with my restless,

my anxious,

my lonely,

my most volnurable


the soft spot

my breath refuses to reach

if it was not for the smoke


I lay my hands on the window frame

in all honesty

to look for you


I inhale the transformation

to survive

as the air turns cold

and the trees dark


I pinch the cigarette

like I crush a slatey rock as heavy as my heart

hoping for the light to return

with the hope

for just one more stroke


and if you should ever become uncertain

there is a small light

right here in my hand

even though it is hard to see

at night


but a new dawn will be

another chance to live

to the end

to end

another cigarette



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