Questions might start a dialogue.
Before starting to tell something, I find the questions that ask me to tell something.
But then I realize than it is not only about the question, and it might be more about who we are, and what we give.

Hereby I would like to give some words.

But this words you, please, you read them out loud.

Because it is how words started in our world.

Words were actions, because they are part of your breath.

I like the immateriality of words:

they might be just air crossing or emanating from our body,
but they are a reflection of who we are.

The one that we are is becoming music to reach somebody else ears in body, attention and / or affection.

Our breath then, reach the world.

The words reach the world.
And within the world, the breath and the air, reaches
and mixes,
with e v e r y t h i n g .


words mix with everything.

But this is just the beginning of a sensuous connection…

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