Present thoughts about the future

At the end of winter, as the surroundings seem so everlasting gray, I will try to turn into something more than myself. Into that beyond myself. I will further develop myself. In the darkness I will open my eyes to see what’s there. Try to find relevance. Try to define the irrelevant. Go back to the purely new. Collect my shatters & pieces. Deform & reconstruct the possible. What I am. Me and my potentials.

Diving into something blur and even more unknown. I cannot imagine and jet I cannot help myself from doing so. Entering a drifting state of being, moving between fantasies and possibilities. Easily flowing with the abstract, finding details. But the concrete slips out of my grip and I can’t see the whole picture, not even half of it. Oh, how I long for that which will settle my eye. To create something in tune with my present soul and tune in my being with it. To experience the world as definable,changeable, refillable. And then – let it collide.

The Mortal

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