The Green

In the dark and cold depths of the ground I was born as a single seed. The darkness was my world, the cold was my everything. It was my home.
But slowly I started to grow. At first I only grew in the dark, but then one day. Warmth. I had met the shell of the earth, and an unfamiliar feeling had penetrated my dark home. Even though everything in me told me to get away and stay in the cold, I, with all my might and fight, pierced through the shell of the earth and met for the first time: The sun. The bright light melted on my body and as I looked down on myself I saw that I was green. The color of growth. I started to stretch my body towards the sky and I dreamt that maybe one day my roots would tear out of the ground and fly towards the sky.
I am still growing, but now I know that even though I am consumed by light I will always have roots in the dark and in the cold and I will always be green.

Out of the ground
into the sky
I stretch out my green

Born in the dark
live in the light
I breath, now, as green

Roots in the cold
Body in the warm
I grow here as green

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