A trip to Home

I came Home

I actually came Home

I knew that I would, but not when I would

And suddenly, I was there

I felt the calm tranquility and joy rush over me when I turned down the path that seemed to shine familiar

Saw My Face lighten up when I approached the gate

And smiled with joy and relief

Because I felt it all in an instant

I felt how this not only was, but is


How life lived and breath breathed there

And had been continuisly

Since I left

So long ago, just a short while

I was met with such love

From old friends and new alike

And fell into poetry and soft and slow

So much so I had to stay there

Being gifted roars and glances

And gifts so long underway

That carried memories and love

New eyes

New touch

I am humbled

And grateful

And carry with me 

Home in my Heart


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