A voice cries out loud and clear. It´s a human voice. Strong, beautiful and universally unique. You might recall the deep agony of giving birth. And the joy of that cry symbolizing that new life is present. I have experienced two new human beings being born in the past month. A baby girl. A baby boy. Both of them with clear distinct and personal voices full of life. Their only tool to express their feelings, longings, needs and their main channel of communication to their fellow humans, and to the new bustling, cold and airy world around them. Their  strong voice piercing the soul and breaking down all walls of illusionary protection I have been building up during my days on this planet. Touching my heart. Leaving me feeling humbled and yes… as a real human finally.

Shifting tones and moods. A symphony of the core of all life. The vibration of their vocal chords in their tiny yet strong bodies. A thinkling sensation running from my neck and all down my spine. Uhhh… powerful human voices. Telling me I AM. I am here. I am life. I am the world. I AM I AM I AM. Awake. Alive. Ready to give all my gifts to the world. If I just get one breath more. I will sing you my special life song. I am me already. Don´t you dare try to mess me up. Help me. Listen. Let my voice heal you. Let my voice be your meditation for life. And I open. Open my heart to this eternal voice, this song of life.

We all have our voices. At all times. I am one of the human beings fortunate enough to still be deeply connected to my voice since that day I was born into this world. It has healed me. It has helped me express my feelings. My own voice. It has caused me to cry at times and made me fly high. Building courage to step forward on my way in this world. Creating sacred space for reflection. A play full of love. Togetherness! Most of all my voice has taught me that I do not need to perform in order to be alright. It has taught me that my voice is my special gift to the world just because it is. Because I AM.

The class I long to bring to life is one where you are invited to re-connect, open, explore the deep potential of your own voice. Your voice that you are born with. This voice of yours could be your greatest well of joy and a key to open to the next level of conciousness. I give my voice and you give yours. I give life and you give life. That must equal LIFE x 2.

Last night I stayed awake until the sun decided to show up at the horizon. I was swaying with the voice of that little baby boy my soulsister just gave birth to. When he cried out I answered him with a deep grounding warm voice. My own heart song in that moment. Full of earth and love. Feeling my voice he was again safe. Not just another lonely freezing soul. We were together. Humans caring for one another. Allowing our two voices to dance with each other. Heal and sooth. Words are not important in the universal vibration of the songs of life. The only thing important is that you dare to be you and share that special healing voice of yours. You have the keys for that magical healing to take place. In you and thus in our world.

-by emma mastad  #thevoice

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