The Crack of Light will forever be a searcher. Wandering the dark surface of earth and finding cracks from beneath and above. Crack of light is stimulating the good and hopeful in all earthly creatures. Through a contrast of darkness he finds light and advocates others to approach it while not denying its enemy.

“Mom! mom!

My eyelids are heavy as stone, my hands are numb as ice and my belly empty as a cloud.

I’m scared mom”

“Breath my child. For where there is darkness, there will always be cracks of light.”

“But mom! What is a crack of light? Where. How. I don’t see it.”

“Oh sweet child, I am sure you know. But for now, let me ease you in. You see my dear,

have you ever wandered barefooted in a sprouting crispy garden?

Or wrapped yourself in the yellow winter rape covering our lands in the blossoms?

Or lied, shaking, on our cold house floor when suddenly a warm light beam enters through the hole in our roof and hits you gently on your forehead?”

“I have mom, i have. But how will that help me?”

“My child, take a look at that crack in our roof from where the light enters. That is how you were born. How everything was born. Light brings life and from that comes hope. Hope for kindness. Love. Empathy. Through that crack we let ourselves become humans. If i die now, child, let me tell you this: without darkness there would be no light. So i beg you. Do not resist darkness but harness the light. That little crack of light. And let yourself be reborn.”

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