Something is rotten in

Am I the reason? Where is my sanity located -? In my body? Who is sane?
Destruction comes in many shades – it is a mechanism necessary in a process of development. To leave behind – to forgive – to let, decay. When we forgive we destroy an old thought or feeling toward an episode, state situation or person. We gradually disassemble a structure of defense. Is it possible that reason is founded by dismantling? How do we pick a part to begin with? Am I manic when I collect? Addicted to sensations, thrills, and shimmers of things! Why am I so addicted to owning? When will I have enough? Is a depressive state like an underlying motivation of no change?
I wish my memories become a part of me but I won’t have them control me – I don’t want my past to drain me and make my outlook blurry. I need to be future, for the past never lasts. I love new stories…
Let us leave the old chapters to rot in peace

// The Nurse

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