Sisters Hope – Starlight Hotel

This workshop took place at the folk high school Herning Højskole, Herning, November 2006

The participants of this fiction was the participants of the drama course at Herning Højskole. The fiction said that the sisters had taken over a bombed hotel during the war between The Whites and The Reds.

The condition of the hotel is fragile and poor due to times of war. The people working there stay inside. Few guests are visiting the hotel. Large parts of the hotel have collapsed, but not the bar, where people gather day and night. The bar, though, has run out of liqueur, and the sink and other kitchen devices have been taken down, to find more space to sleep in. However, the atmosphere of the bar still fills the rooms. Some are waiting for the apocalypse, others for better times; others again just want to give in to the party. The sisters have taken the hotel into custody and are educating the staff and the guests of the hotel according to the principles of the state of white.

.The Twin Sisters Coco and Coca Pebber enjoying their afternoon tea – leisure after hard work at the school. Photo Julie Johansen

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