Ready to return (Bumblebeeee)

I’m returning to Sisters Hope Home, a place I feel I know a bit already, as a physical space anyways. I have some very clear memories from my previous inhabitation. My body remembers, too. But I also know this time will be different. Good! I welcome new experiences.
Curious what will feel familiar, like coming home. And also to notice irritations: change, challenges, surprises.

Looking forward to allowing it all to be and to being with all of it. To focus on the being… Bumblebeeing… any mode of beeing. Sometimes with my Self, and sometimes with company.
Navigating between being and doing, and getting to know their relationship better. Exploring their complementarity, the inherent sustainable potential of their Co-Existence… Partnership. Marriage?

And also: Fullheartedly desiring a few opportunities to bee with with other beautiful Beings. To share and exchange, to buzz alongside each other for a little while, maybe even to crosspollinate between different ecosystems and to experience the emergence of new landscapes, new playgrounds, new spheres of action. Hmmmmmmmmm

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