For the forth year , Sisters Hope will workshop at VKR (Vardes kulturelle rygsæk) in March of 2020. VKR is an initiative for children and adolescence between the age of 15 and 16, and the intention is to introduce them to different artistic and cultural genres. Here, we will introduce all 8th graders in Varde Municipality to our method.

We are really exited to present the site-specific work Sensuous Governing in Odense. The manifestation will be presented by H.C. Andersen Festivals from August 25 – 27 as a poetic intervention at the City Hall of Odense.

As a site-specific performance Sensuous Governing is manifested at venues that represent the governing structures of our society. Through a poetic intervention aiming at awakening the sensuous and poetic it explore the audiences-participants’, or citizens’, dreams for the future of society. Sensuous Governing is an extension of Sisters Hopes distinctive practice, which through artistic interventions unfolds the sensuous and poetic as core societal values.

At the beginning of the two-hour long manifestation, the participant will be greeted by a performer – The Evoker – and led into the building blindfolded. The participant is then guided into the governing building led  by several performers. They will participate in small performative rituals in formulation of dreams for the future of governance and meet their Poetic Self. Afterwards, the participants ceremoniously donate these dreams to the Sisters Hopes’ Archive.

Tickets for Sensuous Governing in Odense is available here

Sisters Sensing (the World) will unfold as a series of performative walks across seven countries in Europe, Asia, and South America in countries with a local Danish Institute present. The project is intended as a long-term strategic development cooperation. The plan is to start in Brazil and then move on to China. Afterwards we will move on to the other Danish cultural institutes in the Baltic Countries, in Ukraine, India and Brazil.

With the project, we want to investigate the significance of different cultural contexts for the sensuous experience in the wake of the corona pandemic. At each location the project will be manifested as a 12-hour walk, exploring the city and the impact of the pandemic on it. Every hour, a performative act is performed by Sisters Hopes performers, a ritual with an intention to plant seeds for a more sustainable future and to manifest regeneration. These rituals will be live streamed to a global public being able to experience and follow the project online.

I de enestående Campingkvinder, som Aalborg Universitet introducerer som oplevelsesrum og katalysator for en ny form for kunst-baseret erkendelse i Carlsberg Byen, for de forventede op til 50.000 deltagere på EuroScience (ESOF) 2014’s seks dages videnskabsfestival Science in the City, vil der være mulighed for at møde søstrene fra Sisters Hope. I et samarbejde mellem Aalborg Universitet, herunder forskere fra reCreate og CAF som forsker i mulighederne omkring kunst-baserede multimodale erkendelses- og læringsformer og performancekunstgruppen Sisters Hope (DK) der opererer i krydsfeltet mellem performancekunst, uddannelsesudvikling, forskning og aktivisme undersøges spørgsmål som: 

Hvad er meningsfuld viden for dig?
Hvad er din drøm for fremtidens viden?

Søstrene vil gå i en interaktiv og performativ dialog med deltagerne omkring disse centrale spørgsmål og indsamle historier, som efterfølgende bearbejdes i samspil mellem reCreate Ålborg Universitet og Sisters Hope.

Søstrene vil bebo campingkvinderne  21. juni kl. 10-16.

We were invited to manifest at the largest Scandinavian art fair Art Copenhagen. Meet us as Sisters searching for meaning and the possibility and potential of sensuous, poetic and aesthetic encounters in the white cube.

We were in the cube:

19.09.2014: 16 – 18 hours
20.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours
21.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours

We were interviewed about our artistic visions in a performative staging all three days by journalist of Arterritory Jacob Stubbe Østergaard. The hours of the interview were:

19.09.2014: 17.30 hours
20.09.2014: 16.00 hours
21.09.2014: 15.30 hours

We called the piece Sisters searching.

Sisters searching performers: Gry Worre Hallberg (The Sister), Denis Rivin (Skyggen), Marie-Louise Werner (Protector of the Archive)
Sisters searching photography: Diana Lindhardt (The I)
Sisters searching set-design: Rhoda Ting and Connor Parks (The Hands)
Sisters searching sound-design: Ulf Rathjen Kring Hansen (The Ear)
Sisters searching support: Bo Eggert Dahl (The Gardener)
Sisters searching sister assistance: Nana Senderovitz (The Link)

Art Copenhagen. Sisters searching. Impressions from The Reporter

Jacob Stubbe Østergaard,

“Hand grabs hand. Skin feels skin. Brain intertwines with brain. Eye sees eye. For one individual in this crowd of art fair guests, the daze has been shattered. A new reality erupts. The Big Bang of the touch of hands.Within seconds, the new universe and all its galaxies and planets is all there is. The Sister draws the chosen one through the smoke and into the red room. The rabbit hole.

For The Sister of Sisters Hope, this is a chance to extract a dream from the subject and add it to her archive. In her cubic universe of smoke and red velvet, suspended in the vacuum of the vast art fair, she is collecting dreams for the future of art.

The subject is dipping his feather pen in the ink and his pool of dreams. He puts it to the paper. Then he picks up the paper and hands it over to The Sister. Then he is let out into the former world.

For three days at Art Copenhagen, Sisters Hope turned spectators into participants. In a world of price tags, they made a bulging profit of dreams. The archive is growing. Time is coming.”

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Photo: Sisters Academy staff, The I, diana lindhardt

Magasinet Kunst recommends Sisters searching here.
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We will be traveling to Rijeka, Croatia tomorrow to represent The North Atlantic Cluster, PSi #19 at the Zooming Fluid States festival. PSi (Performance Performance Studies @ NYU International) will be our collaborators for the Sisters Academy (the school of a Sensuous society), Greenland manifestation by Sisters Hope, June 2015. PSi #19 will happen all over the world and in Rijeka we will be surronded by amongst other JAPAN – THE OTHER’S FOOL PARADE / Parada luda and PANAMA – PERFUMIN’ CANADA / Parfemiranje Paname.

For more info on Sisters Academy, Greenland see here.

In Sisters deep we were invited to intervene with and unfold our universe in the intersection of educational development, research, activism and performance art by the network of history of new literature. We created a sensuous and poetic space to inspire a dialogue on how performance art turns words of poetry and text into image and flesh and we collected dreams for the future of literature in education, as this was truly the burning question of the day, for our ever blossoming Archive (once to be published by our own publishing company The Archive – so we dream…).

We manifested in the dark and gloomy cellar. The underworld of the University. By the drains. The hidden infrastructure – within and without. #sistershope #literaturefestival #universityofcopenhagen #thesister #thegardener #the cousin #thei #theevoker #thehands


The Sister – Gry Worre Hallberg

The Gardener – Bo Eggert Dahl

The Cousin – Julie Johansen

The Evoker – Andreas Dres Sølvhøj

Performance and documentation:

The I – Diana Lindhardt


The Hands – Rhoda Ting and Sonja Nordstrøm


The Ear – Ulf Rathjen Kring Handen

Sisters Hope were invited to manifest Sisters seek at the educational conferende InnoCarnival, Sweden.

We collected dreams for the future of the educational system from our Archive – Mostly from children**!

2015 – 16 genomför den danska performanceduon ”Sisters Hope” och Inkonst ett gemensamt megaprojekt i gränslandet mellan scenkonst, forskning, aktivism och pedagogikutveckling – Sisters Academy Malmö. Allt om ett utbildningssystem som bottnar i de estetiska dimensionerna, genomsyras av poesi och sinnlighet.

Projektet är tudelat – först en fiktiv internatskola i form av en fyra veckor lång storskalig och interaktiv föreställning: Sister Academy – the Boarding School. En parallell skolverklighet där du kan skriva in dig som elev, vara gästlärare eller delta i debatter.

Sedan till januari/februari 2016 söker de en gymnasieskola som har modet att låta Sisters Hope ta över skolan i två veckor, något som en skola i danska Odense gjorde redan i våras. En manifestation som bl.a. följdes i en artikelserie i danska Politiken (läs mer Sisters Academy kommer att manifesteres i flera nordiska länder de närmaste åren.

Men det börjar redan på InnoCarnival med Sisters seek….

Sisters seek af Sisters Hope (DK)

Sisters Hope grundades 2007 av Gry Worre Hallberg och Anna Lawaetz, som i ett poetiskt performanceuniversum förkroppsligar ”Tvilligsystrarna”, rektorinnorna, utforskana och sökarna efter fred och poesi även utanför konstvärlden.

I Sisters seek får du möjlighet att möta systrarnas universum, engagera dig i och bidra till deras utforskande. Drömmar om framtidens utbildningssystem kan doneras till deras arkiv.

Till Sisters Academy Malmö finns plats för drömmar, elever, skolor, forskare, deltagare, budbärare, debattörer, människor, viljor, reflektioner… Besök Sisters seek och ett magiskt rum på mässan.

For more info see:

Sisters Hope will manifest an exclusive piece at Thorvaldsens Museum as part of KBH læser. Furthermore, we have been interviewed for their paper. Read the interview here. Also see the full paper here.

Earlier this month we unfolded our perspective on the relationship between the poetic and the ecological mind at the symposium Mind the Gap at BLOX. Between the sensuous and the sustainable. We are thankful that Den Tredje Natur has invited us to continue the co-exploration of a potential future for this planet at their Mind the Gap-tour around the country in December. Meet us in LollandVejle and Holstebro.

Get tickets for the events here.