notes on home I

the immensity of loneliness
is an empty note
with no words
hence it can not be read
never spoken of
it merely lingers as an infinite singularity
in the heart of existence

I leaned my forehead against your cold brick wall
evoking the soundless roars
behind the curtains

a rhythm that walks like time
surrendering to its own limit
maybe its death is the sum of its goodbyes


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SPREADING pressure contact by the tips of my fingers and squared edge of your thumb, hairs matt and clipped through torn tracks in my elbows and knees, freshly formed and reformed. The new flesh unfurls and smiles away, reveals a mouth of rose and scarlet soft, slick to the air…

Vibrations in air, the warmth expands the unspoken longing. Glue that enchants spaces between.   We move from particle existence to loosen grip, the hard understanding of reality. Each conscious act unpicks the molecular. ● ∘      ◌ ∴      ⋮ ⋯     ≍ ≋ ﹏ We become The Wave…