step by step by

you do in order to materialize dream into reality

step by step

i wasnt prepared for the amount of suffering that erupted from eyes

step by

so i kissed one of them
but what i felt more
was the seperation felt between collarbones, fingers, lips.


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Endless steps like ticking seconds of a clock infinite hours Steps and staircases in a spiderweb’s tangled maze Paths for getting lost and being found The deep breath of a corridor blows out the light of one candle, another ignites another time, another place Infinite stories flow through my stairs,…

– with an eternal attraction to the maritime. Her hands in the lukewarm water, caress the scalp and the wet hair of the person whose hair she is cleansing. Gazing out over the sea, – conchs and pirates, by-gone monsoons fill her soul with sweet sadness.