Having medicine
because of you.
Too Long have we been apart.

The shrine is ready.

Let us heal the gap – come closer – Let us trust.
Will Love ever be easy ? Let us just – flow in this state.

When time is breathing – Space Voids –
Charge – fueling electricity, sparkling
chaotic notes – trance into alignment…

In all this volume we cross bridges build of mist while echoes of sensation resurrect the logic.
Colours spring from these constellations.
Guarded by ancestry, Nebula and Novas ignite a path —–_______ ——–____—_–_-_—_——————->>>>>>

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My first question is why? I’m that kind of person who dosen’t belive in this kind of poetic stuff and to find yourself in that way. To me this is  strange and to be compleatly honest i don’t like what is going to happen on our school. I get that…

We are happy to share that we will offer our full time program Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning at Ryslinge Højskole again in the spring 2022.