if I told you that I miss you

The sun and the moon converse:

“If I told you that I miss you
would you know what I want?”
the moon whispered

and the sun
as a sun does

“can you see my colours
though you are so bright?”
the moon continued

and with warmth
the sun
passed the moon by

“would you know what I will become
if I leave you?”
the moon persisted

the sun was radiating
but silent
waiting for the night to arrive

The night came
the moon was glowing

and the sun wept
of all the beauty

that the moon was




If I say that I miss you
would you know?

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Hello. Thank you for a nice week with the sisters. I learned a lot about my poetic self. But I still have a lot to explore inside the Academy. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new Year.