Moon Rose

(I want to grow in you and you in me)

"She lives in the deep oak forest, in the holy moon cave; 
from here she protects and heals all life. 
Diana, the wild primordial woman, soul of the forest, she is the hunter.
 She is the darkness. She is the savage. 
She is the deep moon seat of the Earth. 
She is queen of the witches."


I bathed and cleansed myself

To present myself to you

Moon New

Delicate gleam of creation

Drew blood from my life-giving inner

Let it drip and flow

And offered it to you

In turn I was offered




Towards the elements 

And heavenly bodies

But most importantly; humility (towards you, Moon)

I now keep my sacrificial gift in the window

For it to grow by the Moon

Alongside my humility

And the seeds of lucidity, strength and courage

I found and sowed

Moon New

Growing light

Goddess of Moon

Queen of the sky

Earth's lucid eye

Let me be your daughter

The young girl

Let me flow in your life-giving glow

And let me then grow into womanhood and savagery

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