another kind of horse


Our story has already begun. You might know it, too.

The most fascinating thought of all as I am sitting here writing to you is…

actually you might know much more about US than I do


Fill my holes.



Yes, I can see myself clearly… walking with my suitcase through the dark forest.

The birds. Do you know how they sound at 2 a.m. ?

at 4 a.m. ?

when such nature surrounds me sometimes and it sounds ~ smells ~ looks, I extend instantly. The first feeling is usually pleasure and pain – and it becomes hard to distinguish what is what: as if Gross Energy inside did not have enough room in my heart and stomach.

Same when I make love and there is “beyondness”, Gross Energy accumulates.



I will be walking alone through the dark forest in the middle of the night, carrying a heavy suitcase.

Then I will be in a train – this time World passing in front of my eyes, we change roles…

Then I will reach Your Forest. It’s swampy, I remember. And I’ll collect something there. Something I left behind last year in Ryslinge.




… then I will step into the Sun.

And we’ll gradually be filling ghostly spaces of the Now-to-be with our interacting bodies.



And no, I am not turning from Seas to Forests. It’s just another kind of horse.

with love,







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