How to orientate yourself from the cheeks – The Spring

If you ever have been alone in a new city (or anywhere you could get lost) here is a notice for another way to find your path.

Please begin preferably at night, by yourself or with an adventurous creature. You cannot be more that life or infinity. Turn off your phone and search first for a very calm neighborhood. Walk a bit through the streets, at your own rythm. Concentrate on your breathe, try to adjust it to your steps. Be mindful of the whole surrounding. How does it smells ? What’s the quality of the air ? Where is the wind ? How does it feels to be in this space ?

Let your skin evaluate the atmosphere.

Continue to walk through the streets. Does not search for anything besides the presence itself. You have to get as lost as possible, just follow all the fluxus around. These fluxus can be a special light, a smell appearing somewhere. Search for the sources of these evolutions inside your environment. Where does this light comes from ? Or this music, far away ? Investigate to find their provenances.

Look for details and for clues. Define a theme that would guide you through the space. It can be a very simple element, just a symbol somewhere, a number, a color. Let this element shapes your way.

Try to gaze all the people you would meet on the way. Don’t be scared.

Consider all these advices are a simple guidance to be oversensitive to the space.

And once you feel ready to drift completely :

Choose a crossroad. Close your eyes. Breathe the air around.

Now focus all your attentions on your cheeks. Perceive all the movements of the tactile hairs.

Imagine that you have whiskers, like the cats. Visualise it as extensions of your senses. Be attentive to the electromagnetic fields around. How is it going through the surface of your skin ?

These micro, infra-mince movements will help you to choose the right direction. Open your eyes and follow the indicated way.

Continue again and again until reaching a point of exhaustion – or until something incredible appears and close your drifting.

Voilà, just to remember : always trust your cheeks. It’s probably also why french people have this custom to salute each others with kisses on the cheeks. That’s my very personnal theory, but you can feel so many things from there. Try it and let me know !

Wishing you a beautiful day on earth,

The Spring

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