The Motion existing with hope and connectedness

Existing blog. Arriving to existence. Feeling blessed and grateful for having this fulfilling and mind-blowing experience of life cycles in Sisters Hope Home. Grateful for having my senses sharpened and my feeling of connectedness in tune. In the following days I came to experience an intense sensing of everyone and everything passing me by, and a faith in life, a belief that everything around me develops as it should. That I do have an influence and that I can make a difference. An experience that there is so much good to find when shifting our focus to a sensuous life. In my new existing things started happening that I had been waiting for in decades. Hard to believe but filled with endless gratitude that it did. A loving thank you to everyone who participated in Inhabitation Infinity or took part in making the Sisters Hope possible. Thank you for inspiration, hope and action. Until we meet. Endless Love and gratitude. The Motion.

foot and hand moving gently.

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