Reflect Ricochet

Approaching through the surface, diving through countless layers of fraudulence in search for something that feels truthful. In search for the intimate. I wish to offer guidance in physical presence. I wish to create the moment when the specific image of the innermost emerges and dissolves with the constant and flows with the current. Within the frame of our skin the expansion begins, transpires like sap through the pores, associates with the perishable and transcend into the shape and shadow of the world.

Because I want to expand in space. Let the movement be the destination through the passage of possible meaning.
Future. It is such an interesting space in time. Seeing it from the present angle. Moving on into the expected and the unknown; are we living our self-fulfilling fulfilling fulfilling, subconsciously making calculations based on a glimpse of kaos and order? Looking for the most personal to see the greater picture.
The Mortal

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