Dinner for the Performers

Today my class and I where going to make a Dinner for the performers at Sisters.
Well, we were all by our selves (Our teacher had a sick child) and we should plan WHAT the performers were going to eat, and HOW we should serve and present it.

Last time we made a dinner for the performers, it was a bit kaotic. We made a Food City, it was fun, but kaotic. So this time we wanted to do something not so kaotic and perhaps more beautiful?

We served:
Mixed Salad – On a plate for each performer.
Pasta mixed with spinach and shrips – On a plate for each performer.
Rootfruit vegetables baked in the oven – Again on a plate for each performer.
And at last, a ananas “shot” and coffee.

Too I where making some notes for each performer, with a little quote personalised for every one of them.

I overheard the one sister saying to the other performers “This is very intelligent”, while she showed her note.
I felt so very proud 🙂

After the performers had leaved, and we where cleaning the kitchen, we ate some of the leftovers. And OH MY GODNESS!! It tasted SOO extremly good!
I really liked the thought, none of us had tasted the food before we served it to the performers. You know, it COULD have been really really bad.
But it was’nt, it was heavenly <3

And we did all that on our own. Very mature and impressive I think 🙂

A good day after all. Lets see what happens tomorrow??
Nobody knows, and that’s a fine thing, actually.

– Fritte

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