Pictures of you (story in progress).

…trees dancing at the flow of the wind:

…clouds crashing each other:

…a delicate beam of sun:

…our footsteps staying there:

The ocean singing unknown languages from all rivers around the world. You heard about the snow dropping into a lake far in the mountains. I could heard the peasant´s secrets whispered to a little creek. Those happy voices we could not understand were chorus of laughs coming from everywhere.  I cannot remember if it was a sunny day, but there was that certain light in your eyes, like listening to the moment: an universal whisper of stars, a voice that had everything at anything at the same time. In the quotidian parade of our dreams we made a stop besides a white rock where could sit and eat. Slowly we started to unpack a variety of fruits: there was green, yellow, red, red, orange and brown. We where hungry of colors to feed the images in our thoughts.

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