I have spent several nights here by myself at the house. The contrast between day and night in this place is striking. The daytime offers a breathtaking beauty, and I enjoy my time here so much, particularly in the garden. However, when night falls, fear takes hold of me, and I become incredibly tense. I try to limit my movements around the house as much as possible. There is a presence that I can feel. Initially, I thought that with each passing evening, the fear would diminish, but instead, it feels as though this entity becomes more comfortable around me. I’ve never experienced such a fear of the darkness. I want to investigate and unravel it, but I cannot undertake this exploration alone.

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This is it, it has begun. A new day in school. It’s not the first, it’s not the last, it is only one beginning. A break of dawn and soon there will be new days at The School, and it will unravel. Just taste those words, a new old beginning.…

I am aware and I see. I teach the art of filmproduction. I enter as the Catalyst. I catalyze the awareness of the essentials and the aestetics.