The Crack

The Crack is moving further. Listen to the silent noise – like a creaking iceberg just before calving.
It is time to investigate the intersection between light and darkness – the land of sorrows, frustrations, death and relief – the place where seeking, touch and sensations is your compass into the unknown.
The lines of the crack are not straight. Let the feet move, lean back, and you will bee carried in the darkening.

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(Excerpts) IN THE CORRIDOR smiling faces, some well-known, some of strangers, quiet concentration. Faces line up. Hands handling phones. Anticipation rising. Stomach churning, but eye contact, yes, eye contact, easily found. Lean on it. Lean on what is light. Right: warm hand on veiled shoulder, sweaty shoulder, frail or strong…

Sisters Hope will present at NPU, Norway. See more here.